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Put Your Hair Up and Relax

Hair can be hard to handle, but with the Mona Lisa Clip from Mona Lisa Hair Accessories you can now control your hair with comfort and style. The versatile Mona Lisa Clip can suit any occasion, from casual everyday wear to a business meeting or a night on the town. We accept returns and exchanges within seven days of the customer receiving the product. Orders are shipped from our headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Mona Lisa Clip Process

 The Mona Lisa Clip

Do you find that many hair clips are uncomfortable when trying to relax or when resting your head? We have the solution for you. The Mona Lisa Clip by Mona Lisa Accessories is a hair clip like no other. The Mona Lisa Clip is not only durable and functional, it's fashionable hair jewelry that comes in different styles to complement your attire.

The breakthrough design contours to the head, allowing freedom to rest against anything from your car's headrest to the treatment table of your next massage. With the Mona Lisa Clip, it takes seconds to put up your hair, making it the perfect accessory for a day at the spa, the office, or when you are on the go. Your hair will never fall out of this clip—even when sleeping!

The Mona Lisa Clip comes in three sizes; mini, medium, and large. No matter if your hair is thin or thick, this clip's function is sure to impress.

The Basic Tortoise Clip

This popular style of the Mona Lisa Clip is very versatile as its neutral style matches any attire. It is available in mini, medium, and large sizes.